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A Holistic Approach to Non-Profit Consulting

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Running a non-profit is a huge task.

Executives and board members can easily become overwhelmed trying to keep everything running smoothly without dropping the ball on any one project.

Working with an experienced non-profit consultant team can keep you on track and make sure that all aspects of your organization are running well.  From fundraising to grant writing, to marketing and messaging, to podcasting and social media, you can rest assured that your non-profit is running like a well-oiled machine so you can focus on your mission.



How We Can Help

With decades of non-profit and communications experience on our team, we have helped nonprofits grow and thrive.  Our key to success is a holistic approach, that helps us unlock your non-profit’s potential by piecing together the intricate puzzle of your organization, seamlessly integrating grant writing, social media marketing, and more. We will help you increase your revenue, make a bigger impact, and more effectively execute your mission! 

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How to Get Started


Contact us to set up a free consultation.


Review a proposal we tailored to fit your nonprofit's needs


We get to work on helping your organization grow.

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